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Spiritual Direction
  Spiritual Direction is a contemplative practice that attends to your soul in the company of a skilled guide and companion. A monthly, hour-long session offers attentive awareness towards discerning Divine presence in your everyday life. It offers tools to help your personal unfolding with the support of a deepening awareness of your connection to the Infinite Source.

Spiritual Direction has also been called Holy Listening, Spiritual Guidance and Spiritual Mentoring. It is an opportunity for paying attention and tending to your soul. The difficulty in finding words to accurately describe this process stems from the inherent impossibility to find words that describe the Divine Infinite from the perspective of our finite minds. Words like God, Hashem, Life Force, Source of Life, YHVH, and Divine Love attempt to give us an illusion of an understanding of the Infinite Divine Source.

Spiritual Directions offers a space of listening for that "small still voice" and taking into that stillness such questions as "Where is God in my life?" and waiting for what arises.

Barbara E. Breitman, teacher of Spiritual Direction, explains it in this way:

"As distinct from active listening, or even empathetic listening, we are not trying to figure anything out, to make sense of anything, or even to empathize with another person’s feelings, although these things might inevitably occur because our minds and emotional hearts are active and alive. Holy listening is cultivating another dimension:
  > Listening with an inner attitude of receptivity, with relaxed attentiveness rather than focused concentration.
    > Listening with the ear of our heart for intimations of divine presence or guidance.
    > Listening for God’s call emerging within the being and life of the other person and within ourselves."
  Spiritual Direction is about enhancing your personal understanding of your connection with the Divine. It is not limited by any particular denominational affiliation or non-affiliation.
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