L’Chaim Qigong™ – Accessing God through our Spiritual Kidneys in the Jewish Tradition.
by Deliah Rosel

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Meemaleh kol almeen, You fill all worlds,
V’sovev kol almeen. And surround all worlds.
U’meebaladecha eyn shum m’tziyut klal Without You there would be no reality at all.
Tanya (melody by R. Michael Shapiro)
  Engaging our bodies in gentle qigong energy movements combined with visualizations on the compassionate nature of YHVH, we will prayerfully enhance the ability of our entire being to come into balance and deepen our soul's connection with God, the infinite Divine energy. We will create a space for what can be described as the ‘indwelling Shekhina’ or the ‘small, still voice’ within each of us.
Y Life Force Energy
H 'Hand' of God
V Outstretched 'Arm'
H 'Hand' of Human
  R. Aryeh Kaplan as taught by R. Dovid Zeller
  R. Adin Steinsaltz:
The secret of the positive mitzvoth, the commandments to perform certain actions, lies, in a manner of speaking, in the activation of the limbs of the body, in certain movements and certain ways of doing thing which are congruous with higher realities and higher relationships in other worlds. In fact, every movement, every gesture, every habitual pattern and every isolated act that man does with his body has an effect on whole systems of essences in other dimensions with and against one another.
The Thirteen Petalled Rose

R. Menachem Eckstein:
These visualizations (of expanding and contracting perspectives) can bring about a complete transformation of self and such spiritual transformations have far-reaching effects on the physical level as well.
Visions of a Compassionate World- Guided Imagery for Spiritual Growth and Social Transformation

The importance of kidney strength and balance is understood in Chinese medical philosophy as the basis for physical health and for promoting faith and trust. Jewish texts understand the importance of kidneys as spiritual advisors. Qigong practice can help support kidney balance and thereby deepen our faith and enhance our ability to discern God in our lives.

From our Rabbinic Sages:
Rabbi Simeon b. Yohai said: His (Abraham’s) father did not teach him, nor did he have a teacher, whence then did he learn the Torah? The fact is, however, that the Holy One, Blessed be He, made his two kidneys serve like two teachers for him, and these welled forth and taught him wisdom; thus it is written:
“I will bless the Lord, who hath given me counsel; yea in the night seasons my reins [kidneys] instruct me. Ps. XVI 7 [the kidneys were regarded as a source of counsel and wisdom] Midrash Rabbah Genesis II

From Talmud: The kidneys advise, the heart understands
Tractate Berachot 61a

From the Torah:
I (YHWH) will speak with thee (Moses) from above the ark cover, from between the two cherubim which are upon the ark of the testimony, of all things which I will give thee in commandment unto the children of Israel.
Shemot/Exodus 25:22
[“It is common kabbalistic knowledge that the cherubim correspond to the kidneys”-
R. Art Green]

From the Zohar:
The heart rests upon the two kidneys, which are two cherubs that give counsel. [the kidneys usually designate Netzach and Hod, the channels that bring divine influence to the Shekhinah. Here they may represent the two angels that minister to the Shekhinah by transmitting influence from her to the lower world. ‘Counsel’ (eztah) in mystical terms is ‘influence’]
Wisdom of the Zohar --Tishby Vol.II

Netzach and Hod are compared to ‘the two kidneys that give counsel’. They are the mystery of ‘emunah’ (faith), that is to say, they are the two pillars of truth: faith and attachment to God.
Avraham Yaakov Finkel, In My Flesh I See God

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